Our Summer Workshop and How Members Can Help

When IEC-KYIN asked what our members most needed from us, the answer was overwhelming: people. You asked us for qualified beginners with a proven interest  in  the electrical field. You wanted a way to turn those job applicants who don’t  have  quite enough experience into promising new-hires that are worth your time, money,  and support.

You asked, and IEC-KYIN plans to deliver.

IEC is offering a free workshop July 7th-9th  from 5:30-8:30PM to recruit individuals with an interest and aptitude for work in the  electrical field. This workshop is targeted at individuals with no electrical experience  but who have been considering a career in this field. The workshop will  also function  as a pilot course, so not only will we be identifying potential new-hires, but  also  testing a basic course to be sure that it’s effective. By testing this course, we will be moving towards qualifying and preparing participants for work in the  electrical field.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  •      Basic Safety & Tools
  •      Basic Theory
  •      Basic Circuit Theory
  •      Branch Circuit Basics
  •      Splices and Connection Points
  •      Devices

We need some help from our members to make this workshop a success!

What IEC needs from you:

          1) FORWARD any applications you’ve received recently from applicants who  did not have industry experience. We’ll contact them and see if they’re interested in  gaining some!

          2) CONSIDER any individuals who you would like to encourage to pursue a  career in the electrical field and let them know about our summer workshop. They can  fill out an application on our website.

          3) ATTEND the workshop Meet & Greet on Thursday, July 9th at 6:30 PM. This  will be an opportunity for you to get to know the workshop participants, all of whom  will be potential new-hires. Some will also be in need of sponsorship from an IEC  member to attend our Apprenticeship Program in the fall.

    * If you’re interested in attending the Meet & Greet, or if you have any                    questions about the summer workshop, please call Diane at 502-493-1590.       Forward any applications to connect@iec-kyin.com.

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